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Hanger - Ragdoll Rope Swing


Over 3 million downloads on Google Play! Hanger is a ragdoll physics swinging game where anything can happen! Its like Spider Man meets Happy Wheels!Use your rope to swing your way through each level but try not to lose any limbs along the way! Enjoy the incredible realistic ragdoll physics and rope swinging mechanics with smooth and responsive controls thats miles ahead of all other rope swinging games out there! Unlock cool new characters as you swing along like Tarzan, The Tarantula, Robotto, Zombie Grrrl and more!
If you like Hanger then be sure to checkout the sequel - Hanger World, now with a Level Editor! Download it now on Google Play!
- 75+ levels with different themes!- Choose your character and unlock more!- Normal and Endless Game modes!- Catchy soundtrack by Boy vs Bacteria!- Challenge Mode with different challenges!- Swing through the levels Spider Man style!- Unlock new Endless Levels and Levelpacks!- Super smooth ragdoll physics gameplay!- No IAP purchases!
"Sometimes you just want something thats fast, easy to play, but still has something to offer on the production side and has a cool mechanic, I think this is it."-
"Hanger’s fundamental gameplay is very good and its weird, dark bent is intriguing."-
"Hanger is the perfect time waster to pull out between quick tasks, or to compete with friends or family."-
"Thanks to its immaculate gameplay and terrific art style, Hanger is a worthy addition for any casual or hardcore gamer."-
“Hanger is worth checking out. It’s fun, fast and even a little off-putting in a horror movie kind of way.”-
** This is the free ad-supported version of Hanger without any IAP! Please buy the premium version if you want to get rid of the ads! **